Passion for Desigual

As a keen Desigual fan I could not wait any longer – I had to go visit the biggest Desigual store in Madrid. So I booked the tickets, got an awesome fellow-traveller, took the plane and landed on the airport in Madrid.

Walking the city centre of Madrid I noticed a lot of people wearing Desigual clothes. Especially bags are a frequent and popular accessory of Spanish women. Of course it is caused by the fact that Desiguals home-country is Spain but maybe also the fact that the clothes are cheaper there than in other countries has something to do with the frequency of seeing Desigual pieces being worn on the streets.

Anyway, around noon we reached one of the downtown squares in Madrid, the Calle Preciados and there it was, the biggest Desigual store in the whole world. The store has 7 (!!!) floors, 3 of them women fashion, 1 floor kids fashion, 1 floor men fashion, on the 6th floor you can find the Handmade atelier and on the top floor there is an outlet. I was standing in front of the entrance, staring up at the 7floor giant building and I felt butterflies in my belly – I was about to enter the Desigual heaven. The first steps I took in the ground floor were kinda shy and cagey, in the style of a Christian person entering the cathedral of Notre Dame for the first time. But all the magnificent clothes, bright colours and extraordinary designs got me pretty fast in a Desigual-ecstasy and I started to run around, checking out every single piece, trying on t-shirts, dresses and jeans and exploring the whole β€œNew and Good” collection, which is more than good, I can say!

The experience of visiting the biggest Desigual store was amazing, and it was part of a fantastic trip to Madrid. I would like to thank my friends Lenka, Carlos and Tim who have been an important part of that legendary weekend! Muchas gracias y besitos!

On Thursday 23 February I took the train to go to Rotterdam, because a new Desigual store was opened there. Next to the other official stores in Amsterdam and The Hague, the one in Rotterdam will be the third Desigual store in The Netherlands.

The store is located in the centre of Rotterdam on the Lijnbaan street, close to the Central station. It was not difficult to find it, cause there were eye-catching colourful balloons above the entrance suggesting the festive event. As I walked in I was welcomed by a smiling shop-assistant who gave me a voucher for a 5euro discount on the purchase, very nice surprise! The interior fits perfectly the Desigual image: it is motley and cheerful and it does create the wow-effect of entering the wonderland.

The biggest part of the collection you can find there is the female clothing, there is also a small section of kids clothing and of course a section of bags and accessories. But the MOST IMPORTANT is the fact, that the Desigual store in Rotterdam is the ONLY ONE in the whole Netherlands that has the new shoe collection, awesome!!! πŸ™‚

As it is not permitted to take pictures in the Desigual stores, I can’t let you see how amazing the interior of the new shop in Rotterdam looks. But it is definitely worth it to go check by yourself and try on the fantastic shoes πŸ˜‰

This week brought a lot of great news but there is one really special that stands out – Desigual made the new shoe collection public on their website! I am really excited about that, because it is for the first time in the history of Desigual that they created a shoe collection. I am so curious to try them on and find out if they are not just looking amazing but if they are also wearable and walkable πŸ™‚ But I need to wait for that for few more weeks. In the meanwhile I checked all the designs one by one and called my mom on Skype to discuss what are our favourites. Now you might think I’m crazy to talk with my mother about fashion, but hold on, she is actually a fashion guru! She is wearing amazing outfits even if she just walks the dog around our house πŸ™‚ Our skype talks about clothes are mostly full of sending links to each other and getting overwhelmed with skirts, jackets, bags, tops and it takes hours before we pick the TOP 5! Yesterday as we were discussing the new Desigual shoes we got a little confused. And guess why! The prices which are displayed on the screen of my notebook here in Holland are higher than the prices that are displayed on my mom’s notebook screen in Czech republic. That is soooo unfair! Maybe I should wait with the purchase until I go to Spain in March πŸ™‚
Anyway, the point of this article is indeed to release my TOP 3 shoe designs and to let you guys help me decide which one of the three amazingly good looking pairs of shoes I will buy before the summer begins! Will it be the jazzy blueish platforms OR the cute motley ballerinas OR the classy leather sandals?

I wonder in which shoes from this fantastic collection I will be walking this summer πŸ™‚

Travels with Menina

No, Menina is not my dog, not my sister and not even my girlfriend. She is much more. She is my favourite skirt made by Desigual πŸ™‚ This balloon skirt combines different denim fabrics and patchwork with beautiful flowery print details. There are 2 colourful buttons on the front side and a little button on the pocket. Even though I washed this skirt quite often the colours and also the buttons did not loose.

I bought this eye-catching balloon skirt in September 2010. And since then I travelled the Europe wearing the skirt. Well, I did not take it to Stockholm, cause it was terribly freezing there. But I always pack the skirt away in my luggage whenever I’m going on a trip. While wearing the Menina skirt I walked down the beaches of Malta, I partied in Milan, I enjoyed my first date in Holland and I drunk wine in Paris. The skirt is unbelievably comfortable and I can easily combine it with a t-shirt when going out with friends, or it also matches great with a blouse when I need to create a formal look.

To promote the new (and amazing!!!) collection Cirque du Soleil, Desigual launched a contest for young bloggers. For writing a short post you can win 200euro to spend in the Desigual shops! So of course I joined the contest – and you guys should too πŸ˜‰

The only thing you have to do is to visit the collection and choose the garment you like the most. Then write a post explaining why you find it so special. Thats a piece of cake, right?!?!

I choose the jazzy dress Femur (see the picture).Β  And this is my contest post:

I love Love LOVE this dress! It is joy, sun, laughter and glamour all together.The asymmetric shape and the jazzy colours reflect the crazy and loud setting of a circus show. A female clown comes to my mind when I look at this dress because its styling is fun, emotional and playful. I think the dress is fantastic, it transforms the circus magic into reality.

When the winter collection arrived to the Desigual store in The Hague I run there to check it immediately!

After few minutes of looking around I saw THE COATΒ  and I fell in love! Of course I did not have the money to buy it that day (as a poor student I barely have money to pay the rent, haha) but I decided to spare every week 30euro to make THE coat be MINE coat. And after few weeks I was walking around in the most amazing coat I have ever worn.

Now Im happy to have the coat because it is freezing in Holland! And the coat is so pleasantly warm! It is made of a lot of layers of cotton which makes the coat a little bit heavy but also an unbelievable good protection against the cold. And that feels so nice the last days, when it is -12Β°C during the day and even colder during the night. So Im walking on the frozen pavements with a warm smile on my lips and looking incredibly good in my Desigual coat!

In summer of 2009 I went to Barcelona with couple of friends to enjoy the sun and sea and the Primavera Sound music festival. I had no idea that this trip will impact my life so much! Not only became I ultimate-for-ever Barça football team fan, but I also felt in love with Desigual.

I will never forget the first moment when I walked in the Desigual store at the Plaza de San Jaime.Β  My breath stopped for a moment and with my eyes wide open I was standing there paralysed with all the beautiful colours, extraordinary shapes and fantastic designs, the feeling of Alice when she first entered the Wonderland. As a student at a Dutch university I came from an environment where clothing fashion could be described with 3 words: uniform, discreet and boring. My eyes were used to grey, white and black colour and my brain kind of forgot there exists clothes designs that celebrate the shapes of female body. After I woke up from the first shock I started acting like a crazy, crazy girl! I was running around the whole store, praising every single piece of cloth shouting words like awesome, fantastic, unbelievable and oh my god! Yeah, the shop assistants might thought I was a lunatic but actually I was just turning into a Desigual maniac πŸ™‚

Nowadays I am an university student, a world traveller, a romantic dreamer, a music lover, a BarΓ§a supporter, a party animal, an experimental cook and a true Desigual admirer. I owe a lot of extraordinary pieces from Desigual, despite the fact that they are not cheap and I, as a typical student, tend to invest most of my money into clubbing and parties πŸ™‚ I like travelling and everytime I visit a new city I always visit also the local Desigual store. It is fun to see how the cultures differ from each other and also how the Desigual stores vary in every city. This blog will combine my two biggest passions: Travelling and Desigual fashion.